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Cake Recipes and Presentation

When considering tea cake recipes, realize that nothing on the table can take the center of attention as quickly as a beautiful cake.

polka dot confection

It rises on its pedestal and commands accolades for the hostess, whether created by him/her or not. Even a simple one that is well embellished and well situated creates an impression. Likewise, smaller creations can be presented in grand fashion.

Of course you want a delicious tea cake that is as pleasing to the mouth as it is to the eyes. A moist cake with the right flavoring is essential in a good recipe. Handmade is always best, of course, but...

If you just don't have time to make old fashioned cakes from scratch, then use box mixes or a store bought cake for your base and add your own creativity.
Or if you know you will be short on time for the occasion, then make your cake ahead of time and freeze it. If wrapped well, it will last up to one month (thaw in wrapping).

Generally, you only need a few basic recipes and by changing the icing, filling or adding extra ingredients, you can acquire a mélange to present at your affairs, celebrations, and teatime parties.

Here are a few recipes to get you started:

  • Lemon Sponge
  • Russian TeaCakes
  • Polka Dot Squared- from our baby shower tea party

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