Downton Abbey Fashion Game

Downton Abbey Fashion Game is a fun printable fashion game you can play during your tea party.


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 Are you an avid fan of this favorite TV series? Do you love the fashionable clothing and enjoy feasting your eyes on what the characters are going to attire themselves in for each occasion?

Whether for dinner, a party, an afternoon ride, tea party, or even for work, both the family and the servants have their decided attire. Can you remember who wore what?

So, get ready to match the outfit to the proper character who wore it and challenge your friends to see who has the best memory! 

Good Luck!!

Printable games = instant fun! 


Directions for playing tea games Fashion Flair:

Can be played individually or as teams. 

 * Print a "Fashion Flair" tea party game grid for each guest and one page of the answer key to have ready for the start of the game.   Set the timer for 4.5 minutes. 

 * Start the timer.
Choose the fashionable word below that you believe matches the description

 * After time is up review the descriptions and reveal the correct match from the answer key. Have guests mark their papers and whoever has the most correct answers wins the tea game.  


1. Ascot  - Men’s neckband with wide pointed ends

2. Passementerie Gown  - A dress with elaborate trimmings or      edgings.

3. Duster - Large coat worn when riding in the motor car.


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