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 Flowers and Herbs Tea Party Games

Here are some fun flowers and herbs tea party games to play to round out a great flower theme.

Flowers were used to convey meaning through the choice of flowers or herbs that were given to the recipient.

In the mid 1800's, many books on the language of flowers arrived on the scene, although the meanings often varied from one book to another.

Flowers and herbs tea party games:

The Language of Flowers Tea Party Game
© teapartycircle.com

Match the flowers/herbs on the right with their
meaning on the left by filling in the appropriate letter.

promise of riches
A. Mint
B. Rose (pink)
praise worthy
C. Fennel
D. Marigold
E. Foxglov
F. Pansy
G. Buttercup
H. Rose (red)
pleasant thoughts
I. Rosemary
romantic love
J. Hydrangea
K. Violet
innocent love
L Daisy
M. Rose (white)
N. Lavender

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History of the Tussie-Mussie Tea Party Game
from Elizabethan and Victorian Eras
tea leaf© teapartycircle.com

True (T) or False (F):

____1.Tussie-mussies were held close to the nose when ladies went into the streets to help block out the stench.

____2.It was thought that by placing them on the bodies of the deceased, it would help God to look favorably upon them.

____3.Aromatic herbs were strewn on the floor for pleasant fragrance and were thought to protect from germs.

____4.Judges carried them into the courtroom to fight "bad air" and clear the mind.

____5.Ladies carried their tussie-mussie in a silver-filigree holder with an attached ring while they danced at balls.

____6.These were a traditional gift on a couple's anniversary.

____7.Admirers and suitors would give them as "floral language" to indicate their thoughts and feelings.

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