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History of the Sandwich

An interesting bit of story about the history of the sandwich starts with the fourth Earl of Sandwich - yes, there really was such a person!

Well, it seems this adventurous fellow lived life on the edge and many a time at the edge of a gambling table, with bouts of gambling lasting the whole day and into the night. One such evening in 1762, the Earl's hunger and grumbling stomach was enough to distract him from his card game and he did not want to leave to dine, as he had a very good hand. Then...


"Here's to
the Earl "

... a sudden inspiration came upon him and he whispered to his manservant to get him a slab of beef between two pieces of bread. When the manservant reappeared and delivered the world's first sandwich, everyone was amazed and thought what an excellent idea. The Earl ate his future namesake and proceeded to win ten thousand pounds.

The present day namesake may not be as large and hardy as the original sandwich but both do the job of curbing hunger. And although teatime sandwiches are known for their delicacy, they become very important if teatime is to be mealtime!



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