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Millionaires Short Bread

by Vdya


*butter unsalted,
*brown sugar,
*short bread
*Carnation condensed milk.


Get a small amount of butter and put into a pan over a very low heat. While that's melting , make a crumb base.Okay, now take nice fine bread crumbs. Pour that over the top of the shortbread and mix it in.Just mix that together, it will take a couple of seconds. Then put it in and with a large spoon just spread that out. But it is very important not to pack it down too firmly. If you do, you won't be able to cut it at the end.
Now for the filling and this is quite an important point here, what you must do is just boil the mixture. If you boil it for too long the caramel will be too firm. Its a very simple process. Here again, add more butter which you should pop into a saucepan, along with some dark, or soft brown sugar. Now that's partially dissolved, just stir again to a boil. It must only just boil.
Then pour that straight on top of the crumbs. You need to let that cool and then pop it in the fridge to chill.Melt some chocolate on the stove over a pan of water, or you can pop it in the microwave, it's up to you. Pour the chocolate right on top of the millionaires short bread. Spread the chocolate on the bread.Then with a knife just score down into pieces before you chill it.It will make it much easier to cut later on. Set that for a second.
Now if you just pull the tin slightly apart it should pop out. If not, run a hot knife down the edge. The whole thing should, and does, lift out just like that. Now i think you know how to make millionaire short breads.

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