Mothers Day Tea for Two

Just you and your Mom.

For a specialized and personal touch, have a mothers day tea for two, just you and your mother. Reminiscing with fondness, the memories from your childhood with the woman who raised you and showing her your appreciation with touches of her favorite things.


I brought my mother's day tea to my Mom's house as an afternoon teatime and set up the simple repast on her low living room table.

I choose a few things that stood for memories past.

When I saw these dishes, with a matching set of teapot, teacups and saucers, and a triple server, I had to get them. mothers day tea

With their tiny flowers sprinkled across them (including violets), they reminded me of when my mother would ask us (me and my two sisters) to go out and pick her a handful of violets, her favorite flower.

We would pick as close to the ground as we could to get a good, long stem. It took all three of us to get a thick enough bunch, as my mother liked a full bouquet to set in her kitchen. We searched along the road and through all the nearby meadows.

My mother's guest room has some violet touches and I violet pillowbrought down two violet covered pillows to place on the sofa.

And although I thought it was close to the time for picking violets, after searching along all the country roads, I could not find any. So I had to quell my disappointment (I had imagined her exclaim of surprise and gratitude - brownie points, you know) and settle for silk ones to adorn our teatime table.

Mothers Day Tea for Two Menu

red teapotHam Salad Finger Sandwichesred tea  pot Banana Breadtea pot silhouette Éclairs teapotChamomile Tea

For our Mothers Day Tea, I cut the tea sandwiches into squares. Squares are a shape that is basic and solid, just like a mother who is always there for you and who exemplifies a strong, nurturing foundation. The center is cut out to show how Mom is willing to let me see into her soul and share her joys and sorrows with her.

Growing up, I have never cared for bananas, their mushy, soft texture just didn't agree with my young taste buds. But for some reason I liked my mothers' banana bread, which she often made.

Éclairs and cream puffs remain a personal favorite of mine. My mother made these a lot and to this day they are a weakness of not only myself, but for my mother and middle sister, Jane, as well. Nobody makes them as good as my mother. We have many bakeshops in our area that specialize in homemade goods, yet none of them ever measured up to my mothers, until just recently. Now, there is only one bake shop that knows how to make them right. What is the secret to making good éclairs/cream puffs? I asked my mother and she handed me the recipe and said the secret is in the filling. "You have to use cornstarch."

mothers day tea for two

I picked chamomile because of it's healing qualities which reminded me of the only times I was allowed to have tea as a child. It was when I was sick and mother would bring me a cup of tea to sip, with a touch of lemon and honey. I looked forward to having that warm brew and it was probably the start of what would soon become my favorite beverage.

Take a little time to think back and see what memories you have that you can tell your mother about, with a special mothers day tea for two. Be sure to tell her what everything represents or what memories they bring to you.


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