Movie Tea Party
-submitted by Kimberly McKinney, PA, USA

It's time for a movie tea party! You know - that time when it's too cold, too hot, or too inclement outside, which makes it a perfect time to invite your friends over for something good to eat while watching a great movie.
For menu ideas, you can make food that embodies the movie's feel, time period or subject. Or just make some of your favorites according to the time of year.

Movie T-Party Menu

welcome to tea party

Note: menu items marked with an * are store
purchased or no recipe is needed.




 party layout

Keep in mind the number of guests to invite according to how many you can comfortably seat. Adjust the lighting to low, allow guests to eat while watching, with easy access to the sweets and/or savories (don't host it where you're afraid of spills) and make sure everyone has a nearby spot to land their beverage or plate.beverage setup

party guestssweets on a 3 tier

Have your guests fill their plates with savories, take a teacup and then start the movie. Take a break part-way through to stretch and refill your cup and plate - this time with sweets.






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