Organic Tea -
3 Reasons to Go Natural

Why should you care about organic tea versus conventionally grown?

 Personally, I love the idea of anything that is natural and organic. After all, chemicals are everywhere and in so many everyday items around us, including our food and drink, so why not go the more healthful route whenever possible? Many tea companies now offer organic tea at a reasonable price.

Here are three good reasons to care about organically grown tea:

1. Better for soil fertility

2. Better for wildlife

3. Better for humans.

Non chemical is important to many who care about the protection of our environment and the quality of the beverage they drink.

Many farmers spray their plants with chemicals several times a year depending on the amount of pest control needed. With organic farming, all fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides must be totally free of chemicals. Instead, farmers rely on compost, natural matter, plants, and crop rotation to provide necessary ground cover and nutrients. Wildlife also benefits from the lack of pesticide leakage, including the non-targeted plants and insects.

The goals of natural farming are to reach long-term sustainability of soil fertility and productivity while producing leaves that are economical. Many people are surprised to learn that much higher crop yields are possible with natural farming over the conventional method.

And of course it is assumed that untreated leaves are better for humans. Consider how we are told to wash our fruit and vegetables before we eat them, but tea leaves are washed when we steep them. Also, the health of the field workers is improved with less exposure to harmful and even toxic chemicals.

When looking for organic leaves , make sure it has the right to be called by that name. This means that all aspects of claims are carefully inspected. Countries and organizations worldwide set standards to get their seal of approval.


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