History of the Tussie Mussie Tea Party Game
from Elizabethan and Victorian Eras
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True (T) or False (F):

___Tussie-mussies were held close to the nose when ladies went into the streets to help block out the stench.

____It was thought that placing them on the bodies of the deceased, helped God to look favorably upon them.

____Aromatic herbs were strewn on the floor for pleasant fragrance and thought to protect from germs.

____Judges carried them into the courtroom to fight "bad air" and clear the mind.

____Ladies carried their tussie-mussie in a silver-filigree holder with an attached ring while they danced at balls.

____These were a traditional gift on a couple's anniversary.

____Admirers and suitors would give them as "floral language" to indicate their thoughts and feelings.



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