Shapes and Objects Tea Party Ideas

These theme parties use shapes and objects tea party ideas for fun and easy teatimes.

Shape Me Tea

Square tea sandwiches, square cake, square scones, square petit fours, square teapots and teacups (yes, they do have them) - you get the idea.

Choose a shape and look for everything and anything that has to do with that shape. Cookie cutters can be used for many things beside cookies, also look for cake pans and cookie, candy molds in the desired shape.


square tea pot

T-shape Tea

A fun ”take” on tea is that is sounds like the letter T. Use a T shaped cookie cutter for food, or it's easy enough to cut in rectangles and assemble a T.

Make cake in the shape of a T or cut out the letters t-e-a and put in center of cake. You could subtly use other things that start with T and then ask guest to write down after the tea what else starts with t - such as tulips, tan, tangerine, tarts, tomatoes, maybe even things that are unseen, such as tasty food. Whoever can see the most wins.

Object Tea Party

Like the shapely tea, choose an object such as teapots, and decorate with anything that has teapots on it for the linen and dishes. Use teapot shaped cookie cutters for tea sandwiches, make a teapot shaped cake, use a teapot filled with flowers for the centerpiece.


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