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From winter edition of our newsletter, "TeaTimes"    

 Why a snow tea party? - Snow helps you to slow down (especially when there's a lot of it and you end up staying home) - a time to stop and enjoy simplicity and beauty.

There is something magical about those first falling, glittering flakes of the year.
When it starts to fall at our house, we open up the curtains wide and watch it come down, while we do house work or play a game. When it has started to pile up, we go out to play, clear walks, or go sledding. Then after we are too cold or too tired, we head back in to sit by the fire and sip our tea or hot chocolate.

This winter has been rather brown so far. We have been wishing for a snowstorm, so I thought I'd have a snow teatime social and perhaps that would encourage the white stuff to start falling. I'll even invite some other snow-loving friends; there aren't too many out there, you know. In fact, only one couple comes to mind - Jeff and Kellie. In the past, it seems whenever we invited them to come over during the winter, it would snow. So maybe they would bring us luck.

This teatime will not be a dainty affair, as it is taking the place of dinner. Here is what I'm planning for the menu - it'll be an evening teatime - easy but filling. Some hot sandwiches and soup I think would be good, with an appropriate chilly dessert.

P.S. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I just heard on the radio that we might be getting a little snow!

snow teatime

White, of course, is the color for a winter affair-white food, white plates, white teacups, and white tea. A snowflake napkin fold will do nicely.

Once, I saw the flakes starting, I pulled the table over to the window to take advantage of the view. (This was a true snow tea party after all!)

I covered the table with white linen, got out my white teaset and used white paper doilies as liners. I placed my glass snowballs in a prominent position, up on a cake stand on a bed of "fake snow flakes". If you don't have synthetic snowflakes, you can use coconut flakes.

 teatime menu ideas

White Tea
Greek Chicken Sandwiches
Cheddar Broccoli Potato Soup
Stuffed Celery Hearts
Snow Balls

* Note - You can adjust this menu for an afternoon teatime. Simply make the sandwiches smaller and slice the chicken into thinner pieces. Serve cups of soup, instead of bowls. You can also use a smaller scoop for the cream dessert




This snowball dessert is very simple, but a
real pleaser.

I placed it on a glass plate that had a snowflake doily between the glass and the underliner plate.

white tealeaves

White tea is very light and full of health benefits. It is also
good to have in the evening, as it is the leaves
with the least caffeine (beside decaffeinated).


Enjoy your snow tea party- whether it's white, brown or green outside!



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