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Tea games CATEAGORIES. Set the timer… now hurry, you don’t want to be a lazy cat!

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Each Ca-Tea-gory needs to start with a selected letter. Will you write down words that no one else thinks of? Some good fun while competing to get the last tea party related word!

Printable games = instant fun!


Tea Party Games - Cateagories

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Printable Tea Games Include:

Customized Game and Professional Graphics

Game, Directions, and Answer Key (if needed)

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Directions for Play

  * Print a Cateagories game grid for each guest and have ready for the start of the game.  Set the timer for 2.5 minutes. The host/ess selects a letter of the alphabet and everyone writes the selected letter at the top of the first column.

  * Start the timer. Everyone writes down a word or phrase to go with each category that starts with the letter given.

 * After time is up, go around and have each person read what they wrote. If someone else has what you have on your list, cross it off. When everyone has read their lists, whoever has the most words left, wins.  If a word needs challenged, take a vote.  (It’s best not to choose the letters Q, V, Z,  X, or U.)

Example: The letter is "B"

Kind of Scone – Blueberry
Things on a tea table – Basket of Flowers
Type of Tea – Bergamot


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