How to Choose Your Tea Party Food

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Is your mind buzzing with the thought of what tea party food to serve and need
some ideas?

Finger food is the traditional teatime fare. Using food that does not require silverware is the most simple, but there are some occasions that call for savories and sweets to be devoured with a fork or sipped from a spoon. (oh, excuse me, I suppose you shouldn't devour at teatime!)

Also, be sure to make use of the abundant offerings from the current season such as fresh fruit, berries and vegetables in planning your teatime menus.

Don't forget the tea, of course. For your afternoon affairs, you can either have
one specially selected brew to share or let your guests choose their own infusion.

Teatime food will generally include selections from the list below.

Food Categories

For your teatime menu, just pick out one or two savories and two or three sweets. If you are having a desert teatime, then just pick 2-4 sweets. Use a spread/s if your choice of food calls for them.

For theme menus and ideas, see Party Themes and for a more detailed recipe list visit our Recipes page.

Tea Party Food

Savory -
* scones, breads, biscuits, muffins
* meat, soup, vegetables

scones, crumpets
* cakes, cookies
* tarts, pies, pastries
* sorbet
* other sweets

* cream
* jams

TEA Varieties
* types of leaves






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