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Preparing and sending out tea party invitations is a pleasant task, whether you purchase the invitations or create your own.

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When you have all the facts about your tea party decided upon, and are ready to send this information to your guests by way of a formal invitation, consider the following before choosing your missive: 

  • Is the affair a modern, casual, or formal social?
  • Does the party have a theme?
  • Do you want to make your own home made invitations or find ready-made ones?
  • How many guests are being invited?


If you have a large invite list, you probably won't want to spend a lot of time on the invitations, so looking for ones that are easy to fill out will make the task easier. On the other hand, if you are having a small, intimate affair, then perhaps you want to spend more time being creative or allow for more elaborate invitations.

Also consider...

As for when to send your invites, generally two weeks ahead is appropriate - four weeks for a more important date.

A hand-addressed envelope is more personal and appreciated. In the case of a large function, printed invitations are acceptable.

Victorian Teatime Invitations call for a little extra frill and finesse and
Teatime Birthday Invitations
can be customized to suit the age and theme of the celebration.

Also, be sure to read our tips on invitations and thank-you cards on our etiquette page.

 Use our ideas and free templates of printable tea party invitations for a cute babyshower invitation or for a pretty tea and candle party invitation.

Try these creative ideas for homemade invitations.

(See below for suggestions on tea party invitations wording.)

Send your details on:  

*A doily (can be white or a color) embellish with a bow tied through the lace edges.

*A big letter T, using the aid of your computer or a stencil. Fill in the info about the party on one side and embellish with stickers.

*A silk leaf. With a fine-tipped marker, write info on a leaf or use a different leaf for each who, what, when, and where fact. You can also use real dried leaves or paper cut leaves.

*From calendars or magazines, make a collage of the teatime theme on the outside of the invitations and the info on the inside.

*Draw a tea box, with a separate lid that lifts (hinged at the top) to display the party details.

*Carefully slit the bottom of a foil enclosed tealeaf pouch, take the bag out, and replace it with a small folded invitation. Place in envelope to mail.

*Craft a paper shaped teabag, write out the details, cover with transparent gauze, and attach a string with tab.

*Take a picture of yourself sitting at a table with empty chairs and a tea service in front of you. Attach it to the front of the invite and on the inside ask the guest to join you for teatime.

*Spray your envelopes with a lovely teatime inspired scent such as jasmine or lemon.

Tea Party Invitation Wording Examples

You of course, insert the name/location/time you want in place of the examples.


Classic: (If there is not honored guest, then leave that part out.)

Jane Hostess

To honor

Diana Guest


Thursday, September the Second

Four o’clock

1234 Pleasant Road

City, State

Please Respond 123-555-9876


You Are Invited To A Special Tea

Come Celebrate My 5th Birthday With Me!

Sunday, October 7th
2 o'clock

Megan Richards
696 Oakleaf Lane, Cityville

RSVP by October 2nd

Bridal Tea

You Are Cordially Invited to a Bridal Tea
In Honor of

Miss Jane Bride

Saturday, May 2 nd, Year
The Grand Hotel, Rose Room
200 Pickering Way, Chicago

Please Respond
Carol Thompson


Susie Bridesmaid
Yuka Bridesmaid
Natasha Bridesmaid

Afternoon or Victorian Tea

Please Join Me for Afternoon Tea
or ( Your Presence is Requested for A Victorian Tea)

February the Twelfth,Year at 4 o’clock

100 Primrose Lane
Cambria, Province

Semi-Formal Attire

Please Respond by June, 6th
Jane Hostess

Baby Shower Tea Party

It's a Very Happy Day,
Jane and John Have a baby on the Way!

Please Join us for a
Surprise Baby Shower Tea Party

April, 21st at 6 o'clock

Hostess: Jane McDonald
237 Oxford Street, London W1B 3AG

RSVP: 020 5555 8181

Unless it's a formal affair, you can be quite creative with your party invitations and wording. Just make sure you include all the important information.


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