How to Choose a Tea Party Theme

When you want to come up with your own unique tea party theme, a good place to start is by asking yourself these questions...

red teapot If this is for a group, what do they enjoy? Food is something everyone has in common. Who doesn't like to eat? Send your guests an invitation entitled, "A Treat and Teatime Extravaganza!" Tell them "We'll supply the brew and large plates - you bring your appetite and
two finger foods along with the recipes". Or how about "Food from around the World!"

 What is the appropriate mood for the group I am hosting? Will it be casual or formal? You probably won't have the same food and activities for an adult party that you would have for a child's teatime. The same goes for a casual co-workers affair versus a social for
the Ladies Aid Society.

Tea Party Table Theme

 What can I use for my theme that I already have? Look around your house, in your closets, and even in your yard. Anything can be used for a motif - a color, a hobby, favorite vacation spot, jewelry, dogs, etc. For example, I like pansies. I have pansies growing in flower pots. I have a beautiful large pansy serving platter. I could use the hues of pansies, such as purple, yellow, and white. Pansies are even edible. For an activity/craft, we could press a pansy onto a bookmarker.

 How can I decorate for my teatime theme? Don't forget to choose elements that will set the tone for your central subject, such as china and silver for a Victorian party or clay and baskets for a Japanese design.

    As for the party menu, do your best to incorporate your theme into your food,     but just make sure your fare has a good combination of tastes and varieties, including both savory and sweet . If your theme is strawberries, you don't want all your food to contain strawberries or a Mexican theme to have all spicy food. Also, don't forget to choose a tea that will complement your theme and your food.

      Go ahead and have fun creating your own teatime theme - once you get started you won't be able to stop yourself!


Also, check out our tea party themes page for a list of theme ideas.




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