Tea Party Themes -
Which of These Ideas Appeal to You?

I love tea party themes, don't you? Sometimes, I tend
to get carried away with my ideas but that's ok, because that's the fun of a theme party.

Although this site is dedicated to the passion and tradition of teatime, the ideas we share can be used for any theme social or occasions. Simply substitute a different beverage(s) in place of the tea.

A theme gives focus and unity. It also makes choosing the details such as the invitations, decorations, crafts and games a lot more inspiring!

A Theme for Every Taste!

Alice in Wonderland - one of the most popular themes for a teatime with plenty of room for creativity. Good for both the young and young at heart.

Baby Shower - baby shower teatimes are a sure way to make great memories for the mother-to-be.

Candle Party - this is a fun twist to home parties that can be adapted to whatever the consultant is selling.

Red Strawberry and Tea

Colorful Teatime- you have probably been to a teatime with the theme of a dominant color, but here are some ideas you might not have thought of.

Flowers and Herbs Ideas - there is so much to be done with flowers and herbs, that it seems natural to use them for a teatime theme.

Mad Hatters - we can all let our hair down for this wacky theme.

Mothers Day - what better way to honor your mother than with a special
one-on -one afternoon teatime with her?

Movie Tea - everyone loves a good movie, use this tea menu to have a group of friends over to eat and watch a flick.

Shapes and Objects - another teatime that might be obvious to some but will help you get an easy start for a theme.

Snow Teatime- celebrate the pure white beauty of snow with a snow party.

Teacup Teas- these themes keep the focus on the charming vessels we choose to sip our brew from.

Tussie Mussie - what is a tussie mussie? check out this fun idea and learn a little history while creating something pretty.

Valentine Tea For Two - here is a romantic idea with a creative teatime for two menu.



Read how to come up with your own tea party theme.

This site is built by the interest and appreciation of tea aficionados everywhere,
so if you have theme parties or ideas to share, please submit them using this
easy party form.



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