Teacup Tea Parties

Teacup tea parties are a natural because you just can’t have a tea party without a proper teacup and saucer. There’s just something about sipping tea from a beautiful china teacup and the sound of the cup gently settling on the saucer that adds to teatime charm.
Here are some ideas for spotlighting the teacup.


Bring Your Own Teacup

Have your guests bring their own teacup and saucer. It could be a teacup that has a special meaning, a holiday theme or a certain color (established by the host). Make sure to have spares for those who forget theirs or don't have anything at home besides a mug.

If the cup has a special meaning or story behind it, the guest could share the story.

beautiful demi teacups

Tea cup Trade

Have your guests bring a teacup to trade, either from their own collection or a purchased one. Place a number on the bottom of the cup and pull numbers to see who gets which teacup and saucer as the new owner. If you want to set a range of value, state that in your invitation.
If you don't want a permanent trade, you could just use someone else's for that teatime. Just don't bring one that you would hate to see broken by someone else- just in case.

Teacup or Teapot Auction

Have your guests bring a teapot or tea cup and saucer, either from their own collection or a purchased one that will be auctioned off at the tea party. Give each guest a certain amount of "chips" to use for their bargaining power. You can use poker chips, hard candy, pennies, etcetera.
This is also good for a benefit auction, in which, of course, the items will be actually sold

"Cupful" - Teacup Tea Party

Ask your guests to bring a teacup filled with a surprise. Some ideas are candies, a candle, a fun pin or beaded necklace, a sachet, a Christmas ornament, or tea. Have them wrap the tea cups in white tissue paper with ends straight up and tied with ribbon or place in a small gift bag. You could exchange these gifts by any of the following ways:

*Left-Right Tea Party Game

*Bingo – with the winner choosing 1 st, then if they win again, they choose a tea cup to give to someone who does not have one yet. Do this until all gifts are gone.

*Pollyanna - Choose numbers (if there are 6 of you, then make 6 numbers) and each one chooses a number. Number one picks first, number two is second, and so on.


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