Teakettles -How to Choose the Right Kettle
to Boil Water at the Right Temperature

TeaKettles are the first step in preparing the proper cup for your tea party.

Whether you are searching for unique kettles, whistling kettles, an electric tea kettle or a copper kettle – It is important to choose teakettles that are comfortable in the hand, has good balance, pours easily, and meets your needs of enjoying a this wonderful brew - whether that means convenience is most decisive or that you enjoy the whole process of preparation regardless of time.

    There is always an ongoing debate about how to boil water for tea, what the right temperature is for and how to get it to that temperature.

I for one, feel that micro waving water should be frowned upon, as it always seems to give flat tasting tea and it never stays hot as long as conventional methods. Of course if you are in a big rush or if it’s the only way you will heat water, then of course do so and receive all the health benefits tea provides.



Water and temperature

Water plays a very important part in the taste of your beverage. Be sure to fill your teakettles with cold, clean, odorless water. Consider using filtered or spring water, but do not use distilled water. Oxidation is what draws out the full flavor your tealeaves, so it is important that there is plenty of oxygen in the brewing water.

Temperature: getting the right temperature comes in understanding the different types of teas, and using a guide for temperatures. Basically,the darker the leaves, the higher the temperature. Black and herbal can be brought to a boil, while green and white are cooler. It is best to avoid over brewing as it can lead to a bitter taste. Author James Noorwood Pratt explains the traditional chinese descriptions for the 5 stages of boiling water: shrimp eyes, crab eyes, fish eyes, strings of pearls, and raging torrent. (the latter being unacceptable for brewing tealeaves).

tea party beeTeaParty Bee Tip: It's usually recommended to not reuse the water left in your kettles.

Types of Tea Kettles

Non-whistling and whistling tea kettles used on the stove top are the traditional way to heat tea water. This type of teakettle allows for the most control because you can hear the water in the heating process and watch the bubbles forming. They are made of ceramic, glass or metal.

An electric tea kettle and hot water dispenser are more modern ways of heating water. They offer ease and convenience and come in different styles, sizes and features. A hot water dispenser stands ready with hot water anytime you get the desire for a cup of tea. Some come with variable temperature settings. You can get an electric tea kettle that keeps the water at one set temperature or choose a variable kettle with preset temperatures for each type of leaves. Other features include, cordless models, timers and auto shut off.


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