How to Write Thank You Cards


The importance of writing thank you cards were a part
of basic education in good manners and etiquette in days not too long past.

In the fast-paced world of today, it may not seem as easy to take time for such courtesies.

But if one takes a small amount of time to have the necessities on hand, there might be the realization of how little time it actually takes to write a thank you note.

Besides, one of the reasons that we tea aficionados love tea parties, is the niceties and slow-pace that tea time
has to offer. Can we not afford to take a moment and send our thankfulness to the one who has taken their time to "throw a party" or present us with a gift?

Most importantly, sending a thank you note can mean more to the recipient than we realize. It is a good thing to be acknowledged for one's thoughtfulness and generosity. We all like to receive a personal, hand-written note whether in form of a thank you card, invitation, birthday or other occasion.

Guidelines to make writing
thank you cards a pleasant and easy task:

Keep on Hand:

Keep general correspondence or greeting cards easily accessible in your desk drawer, along with a nice pen, stamps and your address book. Notes can be as simple as quality postcards, in the larger size, with a nice embellishment. That way they are suitable for many occasions.

Keep in Mind:

  • Start with a proper salutation. Use last names and titles unless the recipient is close in age and station. Then first names are acceptable.
  • Be personal and honest: Write how you feel about their kindness. If the thanks are for a gift, tell how you are going to use the item. Express honest gratitude, not false praise. Find something that you can honestly say in a positive manner.
  • Keep it simple: The purpose of this missive is a thank-you note. Keep information about your life and others for e-mails and letters.
  • Don't procrastinate: If you put off this task, it might never get done. Write it within 48 hours, stamp it, and drop it in the mail.

Tips from the Tea Party Bee tea party bee

teapot silhouetteFor showers, birthday, and anniversary parties:
A nice gesture is to provide the guest-of-honor with thank-you cards, address labels, and stamps to make this "etiquette job" much easier. Tie them up with a pretty ribbon or include with other gifts.

teapot silhouetteThis tip submitted by Byra K. in Hershey, PA:
When hosting any type of party or shower that will require a "thank you" note
from the guest of honor, supplying those notes, as you mentioned in your
baby shower tea
, is a wonderful idea.  To take it a step farther, have your guests write their names and addresses on the envelopes, which will save your guest of honor an enormous amount of time.   To reward your guests for their courtesy, you can then place the envelopes in a container for a drawing.  Have one of the guests pick out one or two of the envelopes and award small prizes to the winners.   


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