Greetings from the "Staff" at Tea-Party-Circle.com! I would like to welcome you to my little corner of the World Wide Web.

My interest in tea parties has blossomed by the realization that some of the simple pleasures I enjoy can be found in this endearing and classic pastime. These pleasures include:

tea potTableware - plates, cups and saucers, pitchers, teapots, serving platters, - you name it. I could spend hours in a tableware store. So many dishes - so little cupboard space!

teapotsGood food, especially pastries. I would rather have many small samples of food rather than one large course. (Perhaps that’s why I think hours dourves are the best part of a dinner party).

red tea potBeautiful linen - a quality tablecloth and napkins lend such a rich feel to teatime. Luxurious damask is my favorite.

teapotsTea, of course - the preparation that goes into it, the aroma of the leaves, the taste as it rolls along your tongue - not to mention the healthful benefits and all the wonderful accoutrements that accompany the serving of tea.

…Put all this together with refreshing time spent in a slower-paced hour or two and the fellowship of good friends. The perfect combination!

Perhaps that’s why I have been in the hospitality industry for some time now. I enjoy hospitality - being a hostess and "putting everything together" can be a rewarding experience and gives pleasure to others at the same time.

I could never create this website without friends and family who lend their aid with thoughts, inspiration, recipes, and parties. And I can't forget the "Tea Party Bee" who puts a buzz in my ear from time to time with some special tips. I am also depending on other tea aficionados, such as you, to join our circle by sharing your tips, recipes and parties. Click here to send me your tea party ideas. The more heads we have around our "online tea table", the more everyone benefits by the contributions.


I lift my teacup to you - Here's to great tea parties!

Marci, and the Tea Party Bee tea party bee



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