The Secret to Making Iced Tea

The secret to making iced tea is easy when you follow the tips and tricks below, generously supplied by the "Tea Party Bee" !

When you know how to make iced tea properly, it is a rewarding experience - whether it's serving your guests at an afternoon affair or relaxing on the porch with a cool glass of this refreshing beverage in your hand.

So don't feel guilty about wanting yours over ice (some say it should only be drunk hot) - on a steamy day nothing beats it for a thirst-queching drink.
In fact, it is good all year round. Enjoy!


5 Ways to Make Ice Tea:

Glass of Iced Tea

1. Sun brewed recipe

2. Pot brewed

3. Ice Tea Maker Ice tea maker - I like both the Takeya Flash Chill 24-Ounce maker and the West Bend 68303 2 3/4 quart ice tea maker. Good for no driping while brewing.

4. Coffee maker - (see below)

5. Cold method- Fill container with 4 cups of cold water. Add 5 bags or 5 teaspoons of loose leaves and cover. Refrigerate overnight or for 8 hours. Strain and serve.

red teapot Iced Tea Recipes
For large parties, make a pretty ice ring to float in your infusion.


Tips from the Tea Party Bee tea party bee

red teapotGeneral guidelines for iced tea is to brew twice as strong as for hot, using double the amount. Also remember that the liquid will get diluted when served over ice, which is another reason to brew stronger. One option is to make "Tea Cubes" instead of ice cubes.

red teapot If your brew tends to be bitter, add a pinch of baking soda.

red teapot When making, it sometimes has a tendency to "cloud". Some tisanes have a high acid content, which will change the pH level, and as it cools, the compounds tend to clump, giving a murky appearance.
Here are some suggestions to help keep your beverage from being cloudy.

  • Use bags or leaves that are labeled specially for making iced tea.
  • Pour the hot brew into the cold water
  • Allow to cool to room temperature before refrigerating.
  • Add some hot water to clear up what is already cloudy.
  • Add slices of lemon - citrus acid help balance pH or
  • Try adding a little powdered vitamin C
  • If water clouds right after brewing, lower brewing temperature.
  • Hard water, chlorine, and high mineral content can be the cause of cloudiness. (Use filtered, spring water.)

Here are two items Not to use when making your iced brew !

  • Do not use a cast iron or aluminum pot.
  • Do not use a coffee maker.



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