Delicious Scone Recipes

The debate on what makes the best scone recipes is widely discussed because as everyone knows, this partner to tea is taken very seriously in a proper English teatime.

Now of course, there are many opinions on what makes the tastiest scone. They come dry, moist, crumbly, sweet, rich, fluffy and heavy - to name a few characteristics.

What you add to your basic recipe is what gives it its texture and flavor, as well as lending them to be sweet or savory.

For savory scones , use herbs, cheese, seeds or nuts. For sweet ones add ingredients such as chocolate or berries and top with sugar crystals. For richness, add sweet cream and butter.

Or, of course, you don't have to add much - just smother your biscuit with lots of clotted cream and jam (my favorite way!).

Recipes for Scones

Basic Recipes

Basic Recipe

Tea Circle Scones

Buttermilk TeaScones

Cream TeaScones

Sour Cream TeaScones

Great Homemade Recipe

Sweet Scones

Cinnamon Sugar

Savoury Scones

Herb Cheddar

Cinnamon Pecan

There are so many variations with recipes, you can be sure of finding one and making it your own.


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