Types of Tea Varieties-
Do you know what they are?

There are four main types of tea to choose from. They are listed from lighter to darker and if you read the information below, you can find out where these leaves come from and get a brief education of the processing.

For more facts, click on each individual type below.

teapot White - Thoroughly light and elegant. Find what the benefits of white tea drinking can do for you.

teapot Green - Mild and healthful infusion. What are the green tea benefits for you?

teapot Oolong - Very smooth and sophisticated. Find what the benefits of oolong are.

teapot Black - Classic tisane that is complex and bold. Find what the benefits of black leaves can do for you.


Other Categories

Chintz Tea Cup

teapot Flavored - the addition of flowers, herbs and spices

teapot Compressed - bricks, cakes and Pu'erh

teapot Organic - cultivation under organic rules

teapot Herbal - herbs, fruit, and flower infusions that are not from the Camellia sinensis plant

teapot Iced Tea - an infusion or tisane served over ice



Tea processing is what produces these different types. Since all tea comes from one plant, an evergreen of the Camellia family (regardless of the region), it is a bush with leathery, dark green leaves.

Many hybrids have evolved from this plant. It is native to Asia and the first two leaves and the bud are more flavorful and are of higher value than the following mature leaves. it is only the different processing methods that produce the various types that we enjoy today.

From these, there are many different varieties within each category, making over 3,000 kinds from around the world. Some infusions are blended with other leaves, flowers and oils.

The final taste and quality of the leaves depend on many important factors - soil, climate, conditions, plucking, processing, blending, and packaging. 

Most commercially grown tea types are produced in China; Assam, India; and Cameroon, Africa.



So now that you know a few basic facts about the types of tea, make sure you sample the different types and varieties within each category. You will be developing your taste buds and an appreciation for this wonderful beverage and will also help you discover some new “favorites” you otherwise would not have tried.



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