An Afternoon Tea Party

Do you love the very image and essence of an afternoon tea party? The elegance of the table ware, linen cloths and charming arrangements - the dainty food and aroma of tea drifting into the air as your body relaxes and you chat with your circle of friends?

Hosting an afternoon affair is a very rewarding experience. Whether you keep
it simple or serve three courses, you feel the appreciation of your guests as they express their gratitude for your efforts of this charming pastime.



Unknown to many, High Tea is not the same as Afternoon Tea, which was traditionally served in the late afternoon and was a light repast between lunch and dinner.

Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford is given credit for this enjoyable teatime. In the 1800's, high society did not eat dinner until at least eight o'clock in the evening. The duchess would get hungry between meals and therefore asked to be served a light refreshment with her pot of favorite brew.

Afternoon Tea Table

Menus for afternoon parties should offer both savories and sweets, such as finger sandwiches, quiche, scones, tarts and cake, accompanied with a pot of tea. If your teatime is replacing a meal, such as lunch, then you will, of course, want a bit hardier fare and/or more quantity. Just remember that afternoon tea was meant to be a light refreshment, so don't feel that you need to fill your guests. Fill them instead with the experience of the "ceremony".

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Here is a light, easy Afternoon Teatime Menu



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