Tea Glossary

This tea glossary gives you the terminology and definitions for tea party related items used on this site.

Accoutrements - Accessories and equipment used for serving tea.

Astringency - teas high in unoxidized polyphenols cause a dry mouth.

Cambric Tea - very weak tea with a lot of milk and sugar.

Bake Blind - to bake a pastry case before the addition of the filling. The use of weights help to keep bubbles from forming.

Fermentation - natural oxidation of fresh tea leaves.

Scald - heat to where pin bubbles form around the edges and a slight skin forms on the
surface, but do not allow to boil.

Souchang - large leaf teas from the lower leaves of the tea shoot.

Tannin - refers to the natural substance found in many plants that produce
an astringent sensation.

Withered - a process that allows air to pass over and through the
leaves to remove moisture.



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