Tea Party Recipes -
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If you're looking for tea party recipes, then grab a pencil and join our circle of party friends, here on this site. We want to share great recipe ideas and are always searching for a wide variety of recipes for teatime parties that will add to the dimension of teatime.

Three Tiered Tea Party Food

In your search for recipes, keep your eyes open for great teatime menu ideas from magazines, cookbooks, friends, and of course, this site.

You can use high tea recipes or you can draw recipes from other menus that are not tea related and adapt them for the teatime table. Sometimes it's simply a matter of preparing the food in smaller portions or substituting a different ingredient to create a great teatime recipe. And don't feel like you need to make everything by scratch, just pick one item if you don't have the time to bring out your domesticity.

Tea Party Recipes

Satisfying Soup Recipes make great comfort food. Search for both hot and chilled recipes.

Teatime Sandwiches and Scones Recipes are the two popular staples of tea parties and just a slight variation in ingredients results in a good range of variety. Serving between 1 – 3 sandwiches and one type of scone is a sure winner to start your teatime.

Daily Bread Recipes quick breads and muffins are all always easy and pleasing.

Providing special tea Condiments and Spreads is like having icing on the cake! And can help preventing a scone or biscuit from seeming to dry.

Savory Recipes - more than sandwiches

Cakes, Tarts, Pies for all teatime parties

Delicious Dessert Recipes this is where the fun starts for most of us. A sweet tooth is found in most of us!



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