Tea Party Attire

Tea party attire can be a dilemma for some people. Do you wonder how to dress for an invitation to teatime? What to wear can vary depending on the occasion. Also, it is contingent on whether the affair is traditional or nontraditional; formal or casual. Themes that call for costumes or a certain type of attire are always lots of fun. And what girl, whether little or grown up, doesn’t love getting all dressed up once in a while?

Don't feel that you must wear anything special for your afternoon tea. A nice blouse and skirt or pants for the ladies, and shirt and slacks for the men is suitable. For a more formal affair, dresses are appropriate for both girls and ladies. (I would not recommend wearing jeans to teatime!)


Tea Party Attire and Dress

Dresses - ladies and girls, find the right teatime dress to suit the occasion - feminine, fun or sophisticated.

Victorian Dresses - vintage style dresses and the Victorian era are always a favorite theme. For Victorian men, how about a top hat and waistcoat (vest)?

Rose Tea Party Hat
Hats - a lovely hat gives flair to teatime and provides a certain elegance to the wearer.

Girls and Ladies Gloves - rarely worn now, gloves for a social function lend a more formal feel.

Party Costumes - great fun for one and all, younger and older! Go ahead and dress up in one of these favorite theme costumes.

~ Alice in Wonderland Costume - a perennial favorite. You can't go wrong with Alice attire.

~ Queen of Hearts Costume - go ahead and steal all the tarts - you're the queen!

~ Mad Hatter Costume - you can get away with acting a little "mad" when you where this costume!

~ Teatime Hostess Costume - surprise everyone by greeting your guests in special apparel.

~ Princess Dresses - princess dress up makes all women feel like royalty!

If you want to "spice up" your tea parties by asking your guests to wear certain attire, it can help set the mood for the party.

Let your guests know the type of dress expected on the tea party invitations, whether it is formal, casual, or costume dress to complement the teatime themes.

Have fun and be creative!



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