Essential Tea Party Supplies Checklist


Do you have the tea party supplies that are needed to host a proper teatime?

While bone china teacups and a silver teaset are not necessary, there are certain accouterments that not only help teatime go smoothly, they also exude the essence of serving tea.

The Tea Party Bee has been busy gathering this checklist to make sure you have the essential formal teatime accessories for your parties. Check it out and don't wait until the last minute to get what you need.

More Teatime Supplies


Pansy Tea Set
  • Small Table / TeaCart
  • Tablecloth / Linens
  • Cozies
  • Tray
  • Tea Boxes / Chest - Do you want storage or display? The best way to keep your leaves fresh is to...
  • Scoops
  • Honey Spoon / Dipper
  • TeaBag Squeezer
  • Lemon Wraps
  • Trivets - to protect the table or keep the teapot warm
  • Tea Warmer
  • Matcha Wisk Set
  • Doilies - keep some paper doilies around to place on top of plates or under decorations
  • Strainers / Infusers / Filters
  • Mote Spoon -a small silver spoon with holes for straining leaves
    from the liquid
  • Candles
  • Party Favors - who doesn't love to get a little take home gift?
  • Hostess Gift Sets
  • Childrens Tea Sets - little girls love playing with a miniature teaset!


tea themes    teapots

tee beeT. Party Bee Tip: Acquire pretty and useful teatime service supplies and accessories as you come across them, instead of waiting for a planned event.

Don't forget the Decorations and Invitations for your teatime parties!




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