Tea Party Games and Ideas

 Tea party games come in different styles. It depends on whether the teatime is a formal, classic afternoon tea or a giggly girls party. Tea games can be played by both children and adults. Everyone's entitled to a little fun - especially at teatime!

We've been told that tea party games are hard to find. So we have developed some printable games exclusively related to tea parties. You will also find ideas for DIY tea games further down the page. Enjoy!

Custom Printable Games from Tea Party Circle.com

Cateagories Tea Party Game

Printable Tea Game  $6.95

Fashion Flair
Printable Tea Game  $6.95


Here's some Ideas for DIY Teatime Games...

 Party Bingo is always a classic and easy game to set in place. Just make your board with 5 squares by 5 squares and have everyone fill them in with anything tea related. Then call your selections and see who gets bingo first. Use teabag tags for markers.

Pick a Leaf - purchase 5 different types of loose leaves and place them on small plates. Have your guests guess what each type is by how they look and smell.

TeaBag Toss - place three teapots (don't use fragile ones) on a table. Guests stand at a pre-set distance from the table and try tossing 5 teabags into the pots. The one with the most points wins.

T Text - Set your timer to 2 minutes and have everyone write down as many words they can think of that start with the letter T. Give extra points to those who have all three letters of t-e-a in them. For example team, steak. No proper nouns.
Variation: use alphabet pasta (uncooked of course) to from words - a good party game to use with an alphabet theme.

Quick Teatime Pics - A unique version of Pictionary. Form teams of two or more. Use loose leaves to shape a picture, without talking, and the first one to guess correctly scores a point. Team with the most points wins. You’ll probably want to cut open some inexpensive teabags, as the finer “dust” is easier to shape. For some added interest, supply different types of leaves. Include both easier and harder words, but keep in mind you might want to try them out yourself before the party.


Theme Teatime Games

What would a Baby Shower Tea Party be without a fun game or two? Baby Bingo is always a winner for a Baby Shower Game. Use our free printable baby bingo boards.



Teatime is a perfect occasion for a flower theme party. For our Tussie Mussie Teatime theme you can use Flowers and Herbs Game, complete with print-outs.


Check out our other themes for more great teatime games!




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