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Here Are The "Tea Buzz" Latest Posts...

Mini Wellingtons for Tea Party

Serve Mini Wellingtons for Holiday Tea Parties

Wellingtons usually are filled with fillet of beef but could be filled with whatever you prefer. Here's an idea - how about using some of the leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving Day for those of you from the USA. They make a nice substantial savory for tea party food and are an easy favorite.  

Tea Party Food Ideas: Cute Cucumber Cups are easy to make.

1.    Peel off the skin, or make a stripped effect by peeling sections all the way down the length of the cucumber.

2.    Cut in equal sizes, generally about an inch.

3.    Hollow out each “cup”.

4.    Fill with ingredients such as bacon and feta.

5.    Place on serving plate and embellish with flowers.

Tea Party Baby Shower

It was the first Tea Party my sister in law and I have ever hosted and the first Baby Shower. I actually made the Tea Party the theme. I order printed

Continue reading "Tea Party Baby Shower"

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Ideas

Dear Tea Party Circle, RE: Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Suggestions... Thanks this really helped! I'm having a party and the theme is Alice in Wonderland.

Continue reading "Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Ideas"

V-E Day Tea Party

My friend and I decided it was about time to throw a tea party. To make our's memorable, we decked out the house in V-E Day type bunting and decorations

Continue reading "V-E Day Tea Party"

Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches

These chicken salad tea sandwiches are a good choice for your tea party. Use in conjunction with many of our party themes.

Continue reading "Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches"

The When-you -Can't-be-Together Tea Party

As we live a long distance from each other my daughter and I, and her children, preset a date on the calendar when it is our Afternoon Tea Party Day.

Continue reading "The When-you -Can't-be-Together Tea Party"

Wellness Tea

A Tea Party seems to lighten up everyones mood as well as bring calmness. We are having our 2nd Wellness Tea this year in June. Our concept is bringing

Continue reading "Wellness Tea"

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