Tea Party Decorations

When choosing tea party decorations, consider what the occasion calls for, what your budget is, and how elaborate you want to go.

As with any party - teatime can be a simple matter of decorating the table with your best linen and a beautiful centerpiece or a lavish affair with a whole room(s) transformed to carry out your tea party theme.

There are so many beautiful and fun decorations available to purchase. But if your budget is tight, you can use what you have in a versatile manner or another option is to make some decorations yourself.

Keep in mind, the tea party decorations that you do acquire can be used for other parties or even given to your guests as party favors.

Ideas for Decorations

teapot Use beautiful linen. Tablecloths and napkins set the tone for teatime.

Use candles if it is evening, an overcast day, or maybe one for a pleasant scent.

The centerpiece is the focal point of the table. It can be as classic as a bouquet of flowers - and for variety, instead of a vase put them in a teapot or hat. There are some mighty convincing silk flowers out there too!

Teatime centerpieceHere are a few other ideas for centerpieces:

  • Birdcage with red tulle and 2 doves inside for a bridal shower or Valentines Day
  • A cake stand can make many normal things seem special, not just a beautiful cake, but any item you have such as fruit or figurines look more regal when elevated on a stand of cut glass.
  • Glass jars filled with whatever the season calls for, such as seashells or how about loose tea tied in sachets which double as party favors.
  • A three-tier stand that holds your food may be all you need to command the center of attention. You can also tie ribbons or intertwine ivy around it.
  • Decorating ideas for tea parties themes

    teapot A garden party in winter can be uplifting. Just surrogarden teatime partyund the room with topiary, potted plants and flowers. Place sections of picket fence from a hardware store between some of the plants. Hang wind chimes with a small fan blowing on them. Pin up butterflies. Play a mood garden CD. Use a watering can filled with pussywillows for a centerpiece.

     Alice in Wonderland or a Mad Hatter tea party can have a top hat for the centerpiece and food and drink placed around the room with tags that state, "Eat me" and "Drink me". Rest a croquet mallet by a chair and bring out all your stuffed bunny rabbits.

     For Irish or Saint Patrick's Day tea party decorations, you can use a green runner under a live potted shamrock plant. Perch a leprechaun next to it. Or you could use a teapot filled with gold chocolate coins. Place a small clean baked potato labeled "Blarney Stone" above each place setting.
    baby shower decorations

     For a baby shower tea party, hang a clothes line with baby clothes and a sign saying welcome to the baby shower. Place photos around the room of the mother-to-be when she was a baby, along with a special poem such as our garden child poem.


    The possibility for tea party decorations are limitless. Check back here often
    beecause we'll be adding lots more tips and ideas!
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