Tasty Tea Party Sandwiches

Tea Party Sandwiches are known for their daintiness and not for their ability to fill. Tiny, English tea sandwiches start with quality, dense bread. Whole wheat, white, sourdough, rye, oat and pumpernickel all work well. If you are having an assortment, use different kinds of bread for both variety of choice as well as presentation.

Tea Party Sandwiches

Make sure your bread is thinly sliced - it won't due to have thick finger food for a teatime. Bakeries and well-stocked grocers carry thinly sliced bread, sometimes in the diet section. Also, you can ask to have their "homemade" bread sliced for you.

Assemble your tea sandwiches, apply delicate but firm, high pressure with the palm of your hand and slice off the crusts. Then cut into finger, triangles or shapes (with the aid of a cookie cutter). Arrange on a lovely serving platter and cover with wax paper and a damp cloth until teatime.

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