Creative Tea Party Ideas

There are so many tea party ideas to explore and share, which is why we gather together and discuss the wonderful ways to embellish teatime.

So, pour yourself a cuppa and feel free to join our circle of teatime enthusiasts. You'll receive many ideas and suggestions for Party Themes. Some are unique and some you may have heard before. All are a great spring-board for planning and creating your own teatime occasions.



Here, you will find tea party ideas  listed by categories. I will keep the creative juices flowing and add more ideas and theme parties as they come to me, so bookmark this page and send me your suggestions!

Start a Tea Party Club - a simple thing to do, read how
to get started and how to find tea friends. Plan a day trip for a flower show.

Afternoon Teatime - How to host this classic affair. You will learn a myth about High Tea, as well as what to serve.

Tea Times - a tea party newsletter with tips and ideas.

Party Themes - A great way to start the creative juices flowing. So many party themes, so little time!

Boxed Tea - Have each guest decorate a shoe box, complete with lid. Pack inside: one savory, such as a sandwich or slice of quiche; one scone or muffin; two small sweets; and two tea bags. Wrap food in plastic wrap. Variation: guests bring just a slice of dessert (no shoe box). Have them bring their boxed goodies in a non-see-through bag. The hostess displays the unopened boxes on a table, without the guests knowing who brought what, and a number is assigned to each box. Have guests draw a number and everyone enjoys their teatime in a box. The host/ess also provides a box and the accoutrements. This party idea is great for meeting in a park or other outdoor venue.
This can be a good idea for teens - invite an even number of guys and girls. Have the girls pack the box for two people, minus sweets. The guy eats with the girl who packed the boxed teatime (and pulled her number) and the guys provide the sweets.

Special Occasion T. Party – hosting a tea is a great way to celebrate just about any occasion such as birthday, bridal or baby shower, mother-daughter, meet the missionary, welcome to the neighborhood, anniversary, teen soirée, starting school, graduation, or bon voyage.

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The When-you -Can't-be-Together Tea Party
As we live a long distance from each other my daughter and I, and her children, preset a date on the calendar when it is our Afternoon Tea Party Day. …

Old jewelry Tea Party with fans & fan language
I had a Tea party and decorated with old jewelry I had collected from yard sales and some from my mother who passed away. Also, I had some frommy teen …

Wellness Tea
A Tea Party seems to lighten up everyones mood as well as bring calmness. We are having our 2nd Wellness Tea this year in June. Our concept is bringing …

Spring Tea Party
Hold a Spring Tea Party to gather women of a large family (moms, sisters, grannies, mothers-in-law and etc.) that are usually very buzzy and can`t see …




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