Childrens Tea Sets - Cute and Fun!

China Teatime Set for Children

"Childrens tea sets are a must for every child", says our resident Party Bee!" Sets for children expand the mind into the world of imagination which is good for child development."

A childs tea set for a little girls tea party where she can invite her friends, dolls or teddy bear, is just the ticket for a real or pretend children’s teatime.

“So keep your child buzzzzy practicing her good manners and how to be a good little hostess. Sit down with her (yes, you too Daddy) and share a special bonding time with your little princess. It will create fond memories for all!”

  teapot silhouette         bee

A miniature tea set is available in a variety of styles and range from the formal English bone china, to themed designs such as a Disney Princess Teatime Set . You can also get sets for children made from plastic, china, porcelain, ceramic, tin or wood.

When deciding on a teatime set, you will want to take into account a few things including: cost (keepsake or not), age of child, durability, theme, formal or fun.


Bee Buzz
Hello, I am the teatime party bee,
won’t you please let me join you for tea.

I will not drown in the teaset
I just like to sip and not get wet.

Your friends won’t mind if I am there
Just tell them to look, before they sit in their chair!

©T. P. Circle



Tea sets for children help you enjoy these precious times with your little ones.
Happy Sipping!

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