Tea Party Occasions and Ideas

Tea party occasions can happen any time! You don't need to have a reason to gather round and bask in the warmth of friendship and a cup of your favorite brew.

 Teatime can be a small intimate gathering of for two or a large gathering for hundreds. Formal or informal service may be presented at any occasion depending on the event and the effect that you want to achieve.

Generally, the smaller the group, the easier it is to be elaborate, simply because of the issue of supplies, space and the time involved for preparation. However, I have seen a large formal teatime carried out quite well, with of course, the use of extra help or a caterer.

White Tea Pot with sugar and creamer

Traditional teatime is always fun but some guests may be unfamiliar with the protocol of the proper "taking of tea". In this case, you can either include the expected protocol on the invitations or a short instruction at the time of the affair. If it is an intimate gathering, the hostess/host will take the lead.

An informal or modern teatime complete with paper plates (gasp!) can be just as much fun and more flexible and spontaneous than a fussy one.

The majority of people enjoy a mix of comfort with a touch of class. Most importantly, don't forget that memorable  occasions are those in which you add your own touch!
Here are some suggestions for


Popular TeaTime Occasions




Baby Shower

Mother's Day

Ladies Day Out

Couples Brunch

Child's Teatime Party


Bridal Shower

Holiday Teatime

Engagement Party

Wedding Reception

Honoring a special person

Mother - Daughter Social

Boston Tea Party at school

Tea Dance or "Coming Out" Dance

Visiting a shut-in or elder care home

Ladies Church Social

Welcome to the Neighborhood / Club /Class, etc.

Office Tea for a meeting or special occasion



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