Tea Sandwiches - Easy and Versatile

Tea Sandwiches are easy to make if you know the tricks of the trade. Just follow the Tea Party Bee's tips below and your tea party will be sure to be a success. Help yourself to our recipes for tea party sandwiches and if you'd like to share great tea sandwiches recipes with us, please fill in the form below.


tea bee

The Tea Bee's
Tips and Time Savers

on making Sandwiches for Tea


Tea Sandwiches
teapot Tea breads are easier to cut if the bread is cool or
even frozen. Cut the crusts off frozen bread and into the desired shape. Fill and then allow to come to room temperature - right in time for serving.

tea pots If you make your party sandwiches ahead of time, then before filling them, spread the bread with butter (unless the filling is itself, a type of butter). This will help to keep the bread from getting soggy.

teapots Save your bread trimmings for croutons, bread pudding or stuffing.

tea pot To cut into finger sandwiches - use two parallel cuts;
for triangles- two diagonal cuts;
for squares - two perpendicular cuts.

tea pot Remember, Afternoon tea or formal British tea, not High Tea, is the
time for dainty, tiny sandwiches.







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