How to Start a Tea Party Club


A tea party club is very simple to start.
Just find others like yourself, who want to get together every month(or whatever time frame you choose) and share tea, good food and good fellowship.

You can take turns hosting and it's up to the hostess what he/she would
like to serve and if they want a theme. Twice a year, or so, the club can
go to a nearby tearoom or extend the outing into a day trip and visit one
further away.

Invitations are not necessary if everyone knows where and when everyone is going to meet. It’s best to make it the same day and time each month. Invitations are still fun to send out occasionally, especially if you are having a special theme that would impart certain information that your guest should know ahead of time.

Tea Party Club

You can also have a cuppa and some sweets while having your regular book club discussion, Bible study, scrapbook meeting, or card party.

It’s a good idea if you set up a schedule, that way you are not always deciding where you are going to meet. Just remember to stay flexible in case a new member joins your group or something unexpected comes up.

If you don’t get enough people for your club (hay, even three people constitutes a get-together!), you can place announcements in your community paper or on the bulletin board in the local library.

Mix it up, keep it fun and always be on the look out for fresh ideas. We'll be glad to help you and your friends with new inspiration!

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