Tussie Mussie Tea Party Theme

Ideas for a tussie mussie tea party, will focus on flowers and herbs. Your party menus will include recipes made with herbs and even flowers.

For an activity,your guests can arrange their own tussie-mussie, or receive one as a gift. They can also learn about the language of flowers and herbs as well as some interesting history about these small bouquets through a game or as an
ice- breaker.

Tussie Mussie Flower Arrangement for Tea Party Theme

Tussie-Mussie Craft / Activity

Flowers and herbs were used to convey special messages. Each one has a silent meaning.

Note: If you choose not to make these bouquets during the social, you can make or buy these ahead of time and either hand them to the guests as they arrive, place them above their plate, or let them choose from a table where you have them displayed.
Attach a note with the message that the flowers/herbs are sending. The guests can then read them out loud before teatime is served.

To have your guests make a tussie-mussie for themselves, you can either ask each person to bring an appointed bunch of herbs or flowers, or provide them yourself.
See our detailed craft suggestions and instructions on making a tussie-mussie craft activity.


"The Language of Flowers" Game

This tea party game simply asks the player to try and match the flowers and herbs with their secret meaning. A few true / false questions are asked as well, to provide some information of the historical uses of tussie-mussies. For a free print-out go to: the language of flowers party game.

"History of the Tussie-Mussie" Game

This game is a simple true/false game meant for having a little fun while learning about this historic nosegay. A free printable is available for you at:
tussie mussie history tea game.



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